Welcome to Porzana

Porzana manufactures high quality affordable split bird rings, or bands, used in the study of birds and bats. We produce a comprehensive range of standard and specialist bird rings as well as lipped bat rings and penguin flipper bands. We have been producing rings since 2001, and supply in excess of 2.5 million rings annually to customers around the world. Our rings are produced with care by a small team of committed and experienced people from the village of Icklesham, East Sussex in the UK, led by Business Manager, Shane Muggridge. Rings are carefully checked by our quality controller before despatch and we have a service level and quality record that is second to none. Porzana is a division of British Trust for Ornithology Services Ltd and benefits from the experience of the world’s largest bird ringing organisation. For more information and a quote contact Shane by email at [email protected] or telephone 044 1797 229591







Porzana Rings

Porzana makes a full range of split bird rings from sizes 2.0 mm diameter to 22.0 mm, plus clip rings and special rings for Auks and other species. Rings for use on smaller short-lived species are made from a magnesium-aluminium alloy. For most large, long-lived species, and where excessive abrasion or exposure to saline or alkaline water would shorten ring life, incoloy, a nickel-chromium alloy, is used. Although incoloy is a more expensive metal it is more durable than stainless steel and is also preferred by our customers due to its better handling qualities, the rings being easier to close and less susceptible to ‘spring-back’ than pure steel. Most of our aluminium alloy rings are ‘C’ shaped, whereas the harder incoloy and steel rings are ‘V’ shaped for easier and better closing. Stainless steel is used for rings with a diameter greater than 12.5 mm.

How Rings are Made

Although we use a number of different manufacturing processes with varying degrees of automation, the basic process steps are common to all ring types:

  1. The metal strip is cut into correct lengths (called ‘blanks’) and sharp edges on incoloy/steel rings are removed by ‘barrelling’.
  2. The Ringing Scheme name and address (e.g. BRIT.MUSEUM, LONDON SW7) is stamped on the blank.
  3. The number (e.g. AB00001) is stamped on the blank.
  4. The blanks are bent into the correct ring shape (‘forming’ the ring).
  5. The rings are placed in sequence on a plastic tube.
  6. The rings are inspected, packed and despatched.

More information

For further information and product pricing please contact the Business Manager, Shane Muggridge. If you would like to receive a price quotation please specify the ring sizes, quantities and the address and number sequence required. Contact Shane Muggridge on [email protected] Porzana is a division of BTO Services Ltd, Company No 2907282 (England & Wales) Registered Office: The Nunnery, Thetford, Norfolk IP24 2PU.


Email: Contact Shane Muggridge on [email protected] Phone and fax: UK 01797 229591. Rest of World 0044 1797 229591 By post: Porzana, Elms Farm, Pett Lane, Icklesham, East Sussex, TN36 4AH, United Kingdom.

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